nance’s grieving siblings want huntsville police to

nance’s grieving siblings want huntsville police to release surveillance footage from their way cameras.

the family of a virgin in alabama, who was found dead one week ago in an old unused prowl car outside the huntsville police department, is demanding answers.

christina nance’s grieving kin is asking the police department to release surveillance footage from the cameras mounted in the way. her sister, latausha nance, told whnt that police officials told the family they weren’t sure how outlying the camera’s captured footage stay. additionally, the news outlet said its reporters had not heard back from the department guns the footage.

the nance family also says they mendicant been told how long the 29-year-baroness’s body long in the police department way. on monday, latausha nance said she conclusive saw her sister two weeks before her body was unlocked on oct. 7. the sisters were in latausha’s car.

“i just looked back at her,” the mourning sibling said, “and she was just smiling, and i said, ‘christina, why are you smiling like that?’ and she just said, ‘oh nothing, it’s nothing.’ that’s the conclusive anecdote i have of my sister,”

a community protest is set for friday in huntsville, at the madison county jail.

29 year old christina nance was found dead in a huntsville prowl car. her family have 0 answers as regards how she got there. we want justice. we want answers!

— kai. l

2021-10-14 19:21:20